Chateau des Fleurs is an extraordinary book documenting the creation of one of the most unique and exquisite private houses built in Los Angeles in recent years. Inspired by classic French chateaux, the Chateau des Fleurs is a contemporary house galvanized by iconic French locations like the Loire Valley and the historical Burgundy. Readers follow the journey of the meticulous craftsmanship from conception to completion that spanned nearly a decade and resulted in a Hollywood dream come true.
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CALIFORNIA HOMES. Studio William Hefner.

Lavishly illustrated and richly detailed, this book takes readers on an intimate tour of the opulent houses designed by LA-based master architect William Hefner. Purchase it here.

Although varied in style, each house featured shares the timeless elegance and attention to detail common to all of Hefner’s creations. They are each marked also by Hefner’s appreciation of the craft of building and the use of natural materials. Hefner’s houses are luxurious, but it is a personal, liveable form of luxury that embraces rather than distances.
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