Rustic Canyon


Rustic Canyon

  • Architecture

    1930s urban Deco and especially the elegant restraint of Adolf Loos buildings inspired a house of pure rectangular volumes and vintage character. As in buildings of the era, a spare stucco façade is enlivened with a regular pattern of vertically proportioned, deeply recessed steel casement windows and doors. The flat rooflines are enhanced by a rooftop art studio with a surrounding deck, offering a wrap of windows and light to crown the house. Any impression of austerity gives way to generosity in all of the house’s access to a rolling green landscape—in the back, a wall of French doors opens onto a sloping yard and a pool.

  • Interiors

    Balancing the rigorous exterior, the interior is intentionally softened with European 19th century influences to give it a more detailed character. The inspiration is more Belgian than French, in the simpler and just slightly less formal Flemish version of traditional detailing. Handcrafted plasterwork creates warm coffered ceilings throughout. In a primarily painted environment, the kitchen becomes the focal point of a view with a striking, large marble island on polished brass legs. Cement tile and stone floors lend additional old world distinction. A rich, cool palette of greys, dusky blue, and ivory bring a meditative calm to the classic spaces.