780 Tortuoso Way - AVAILABLE


780 Tortuoso Way

  • The vision for the estate at 780 Tortuoso Way is focused on recreating the magic of a classic Bel Air regency home in the footsteps of Paul Williams.


  • The scale, materials, and details feature classic proportions, with rich and understated finishes. Building materials combine stone, painted brick, and thinly framed steel windows. Brick and limestone paving lead to the formal garden, giving it a regal character. Approaching the main house, the auto court is entered through an arched passageway linking two garages. A symmetrical fa├žade presents itself.

  • A long drive originates at two guard houses, leads to an auto court, then the main house, giving way to various outdoor living areas punctuated by a separate garage, guest house, tennis court, and pool. These areas are defined by their open spaces and the character of the grounds. A formal landscape treatment reinforces the axial character of the house and extends its reach.